Michael Howerton

Michael Howerton

Michael Howerton is managing editor at Contently. He writes about tech, the environment, arts, health and sports.

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Killing Cancer Through the Immune System | ucsf.edu

Cancer Immunotherapy Emerges as One of the Most Promising New Ways of Treating Deadly Disease

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Celebrating 150 Years in Health and Science | ucsf.edu

Celebrating 150 Years in Health and Science | ucsf....

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Oakland Magazine

Re-Occupy Oakland - Oakland Magazine

How retailers, grocers, restaurateurs, developers, and others are working to rebuild Broadway.

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Oakland Magazine

Oakland Army Base Makes Headway as Logistics Center - Oakland ...

On each side of the narrow tributary at the mouth of the Oakland Estuary, merely a few thousand feet apart, sit two immense but quiet swaths of land.

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Oakland Magazine

Occupy left a mark on Broadway - Oakland Magazine

A relatively peaceful crowd of about 100 gathered at Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of City Hall this past October to mark the second anniversary of the Occupy Oakland encampment there.

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The Sports Post

Let's Not Kill the Umpire! - The Sports Post

Maybe umpire fallibility is just part of the game

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The Content Strategist

Storytelling Is How We Survive

One common trait of all writers — and this goes for...

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The Stamford Advocate

The Forever War

Chapter One: Cease All Movement

For the past year, The Advocate followed several men living in Stamford's Liberation House, one of six residential drug treatment centers in Fairfield County.

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The Sports Post

Why the DH Should Stay in the American League - The Sports Post

And why a hybrid of the two leagues would be the perfect solution

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Frankfurt on the Hudson

Rabbi Shlomo Kahn spent the last years of his life tending to the death of his world.

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Partnership for Sustainable Communities

California: Cities Brace for SB 375 Impact on Housing Element Updates

California’s state housing department is counting on the “sustainable communities” planning law—SB 375—to push localities to provide for more affordable housing in their general plan housing elements....